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It Is Enough
The Waiting
brad and tod olsen

pretty close
Intro and Chorus


D                               Dmaj7
theres somthin about the sorrow showin on your face
C                        Bb A  
somthin so tender and contrite
D                    Dmaj7
I know your tired of being in this place
C                            G 
your every daydream turns to night
and youv worked and stived and struggled
until your fingers theyv turned blue
from diggin deep into the heart 
of what you can and cannot do
D                           Dmaj7
thers somthin about the hesitation in your step
C                         Bb A
somethin so beautiful and scared
D                           Dmaj7
and somethin hard about the truth that you accept
    C                       G
and still you find a savior there
so dont you despise the road
should it drive straight to the Son
Hes got His reason to receive you
and doesnt need another one
    D     G  D  Bm*Am*
The blood it is enough
                        G           Gm   D
for every man woman and child to be reconciled
    D     G  D  Bm*Am*
the blood it is enough 
                   G         Gm   D
for every shade of skin to begin again
somethin about the way you cry yourself to sleep
C                         Bb  A
somethin so destitute and poor
D                         Dmaj7
sweet is every tear thats runnin down your cheek
C                               G
how each one clears the way for more
         Em                                 D
so if it drives you to the savior then dont disconnect the pain
        F#m                              G
Hes got one excuse to hold you and never let you go again

Bm            G                   D                     A
everybody has tarried in a barren land even in a devils den
Bm                        G                           D
but if the cross that you carry should slip from your hands
                      A                     G
get on your knees and pick it up pick it up pick it up again


*play intro