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From: Erik Karlson 

By Dana Cooper
As performed by Trout Fishing in America on the album "Who Are These People"

This is an approximation for those who are guitar-challenged.  The chord struc
ture is correct, as is the key, but Ezra does play some rather interesting 
chords that are unintelligible to me!!

Summer is coming, catfish are jumping
                D               A
The willows are weeping up the river
Mandaddy's wagon comes rattling and dragging
             A       B
His magical route
He's bringing ghost stories and bright penny whistles
               D                  A
White Chinese muzzles in tins of glory
            E                          D      A        E
Look on the horizon and see the dust rolling down the road

     B                      A         E
My name is Mandaddy and I roam these hills
     B                        A          E
I sing and I whistle and I'll cure your ills
     A            C#m                       F#
Oh Mandaddy, Oh Mandaddy's gonna cure your ills
   B                        E
Mandaddy's gonna cure your ills

He walks like a farmer, talks like warm water
              D              A
Smells like tobacco and gun powder
He's bringing red garters and bright copper kettles
                   A          B 
and brown leather shoes
He says, "I remember when your folks was young'uns
               D                 A
Laughing and running in Indian summer
                  E                        D       A        E
They'd watch the horizon and see the dust rolling down the road!"


Everything changes, it's only natural
          D                 A
Nothing remains as it once started
This time next summer I may not be here, hear what I say
Children I love you, you make life worth living
                   E                      A
The rivers worth crossing the gifts worth giving
              E                          D    A       E
Look on the horizon and see the dust rolling down the road


transcribed by Erik Karlsson