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The Crossing
Three Little Drummers
CD: The Court of a King
words: Robert Beers, music: traditional

submitted by Marek Vit 

This is a cool song when you play with a band, or if you are
able to mix various musical instruments together.

I play variations of Dm chord throughout the entire song...
basically in 6/8...

Its good to have a drum in the song (preferably the bodhran) or
anything that makes enough noise :-)
You can use just any instrumets... the violin, the recorder, some
percussions, triangle whatever. I love the mandolin, just picking thru
the Dm chord.

Listen to the recording, and I'm sure you'll come up with great 
arrangements yourself.

I'm lazy to type the lyrics... you'll find them in the CD.

Enjoy the song! 

Marek Vit