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song:Company Car
writer:Jon Foreman ( the mother of awesome songs )
tabbed:Nolan Rossi Mr-Tumnus@juno.com


E                                       A            E        A         B
Mike was right when he said i put up a fight to be somone a fight to be
E                                              A        E       A           B
but now see now, im down under the pavment of capotil hills and lower
case people
C#m             A       F#      B            G#(m?)             C#m             B
as time rolls by my dreams have become That which is attainable Not what
I'm looking for!


E               B       C#m      E|---3-4-5s0---|
I've got the company car
                E       G#         A   C
I'm the one swinging at two under par
        E       B               C#m
Yeah, I've become one with the ones
that I've never believed in
        E         F#m       A   B
But I've got the company car

2nd verse: same
Hey, Im the king of thins I've always dispised
Im the gingerbread man who got eaten alive
I'm half baked, I'm fake!
but see I got hotels on Park Place and Boardwalk
And two hundred bucks
I pass go, but oh! Life's taken control
Have I won monoploy to forfeit my soul?

All the kings horses 
at the foot of the wall
They're taking pictures of 
The man who's lost all of his 
A                                  E         A
masks of pretension. He's got two faces left His is the 
             F#           A
one that he hides On the left behind that smile..

Last verse:same
Hiding tears and fear, that burns like an engine, It drives him away
>From the ones that he loves Mike was right: " Hey Mike! were one in the
same; we're the faceless combatants in the loneliest game" Ah but say,
I'll wave as I'm driving by, With that smirk in my eye, yelling "Hey!
I'm somthing man, check me out!"