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Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 21:11:47 -0500
From: sroel@global-tools.com
Subject: s/stevens_cat/sitting.crd 

Song: Sitting
Author:Cat Stevens
Album: Catch Bull At Four (1972)
Tab by: Santiago Roel R.
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G (1)     E A D G   B E
     3 2 0 0 0 0


C        G (1) Am  Am7/G

Fmaj7    E7    Am  Am7/G

Fmaj     E7    Am  Am7/G

D        F      Am


Bm      E        A         A7

Bm      E        A    G  D  A

Bm      E        A         A7

Bm      E7       A    G    D

Intro (same as verse)

Verse 1

Chorus 1

Intro again

Verse 2

Chorus 2

Verse 3

End same as intro