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Song:global culture sega child
Written By:Corey and Danielle Pryor
Album:The Walk
Copyright 1997 Rampant Sampling (ASCAP)
TAB by Rod Kim(crazy@netusa1.net)

This song is great, LONG LIVE ELECTRONIC MUSIC, one of the TRUE forms of
worship music!  

Note: I got this tabbed out as much as possible, but like the
copyright reads,
there is rampant sampling going on.   So here are most of the fills,
the chords and anything else that my mind can handle.  
Key of Cm
Fill 1-This fill is used at the end of each
line in the chorus and is simple, it's some sort 
of toy-sounding organ, but it goes (single notes,
NOT chords):

C Eb G -- C Eb G (super-fast)

basically, an ascending Cm chord twice really fast.
(All of the intro notation is single notes, NOT chords)
      ochestra hit    Strings
Intro:     G    G     G A Bb C (ascending scale) 
  Cm                       Bb  Cm
1.Everything is changin'
       Cm                    Bb   Cm
  This place has gone insane
       Cm                   Bb   Cm
  This world is rearrangin'
      Cm                      Bb               Cm
  And no one takes the blame (No one takes the blame)
  Cm                  Bb
  Can we elude the conformity
    Cm                    Bb
  Escape the pattern of hipocrisy
    Cm                            Bb  Cm
  I thought we could be different
        Cm                         Bb  Cm
  But I see we're just the same...

  Cm             Bb         (Fill 1)
  Global Culture Sega Child!
  Cm             Bb         (Fill 1)
  Global Culture Sega Child!

  Cm                         Bb Cm
2.Catch us in the chat room
     Cm                  Bb  Cm 
  Connected to the globe
     Cm                  Bb Cm
  Disclose our deepest questions
                                    Bb    Cm 
  to the world wide web we'll probe
  Cm                              Bb
  Dollars, pound, franks, and the yen
  Cm                            Bb  
  All scanning for the truth in them,
  Cm                         Bb  Cm
  2 Gen from the peace child
     Cm                       Bb  Cm
  An age that lost their way

(repeat chorus)

(improv with chords of Cm and Bb)

Organ solo:
          Cm                Bb
3.There's more to life than what you see.
     Cm                         Bb
  Omnnipotent touch unfolds the mystery
  Cm                Bb Cm  
  GOD is the future
      Cm           Bb  Cm
  And GOD is in me

(repeat chorus)
(repeat chorus)
Cm             Bb   (Fill 1)
Global Culture Sega Child!