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Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 17:56:39 -0500
From: Tate Jensen 
Subject: s/smashing_pumpkins/if_there_is_a_god.crd

"If There is a God"

Written by Billy Corgan
Music by Billy Corgan
Performed by The Smashing Pumpkins
>From "Machina II- The Friends and Enemies of Modern Music"
Transcribed by Tate Jensen

Ok people, I was looking for a transcription of this beautiful song
that was released on Machina II for a while now, so I decided to transcribe it 
myself. There are two versions of this song on Machina II; one on piano, and 
one with the full band. I used both of those versions to transcribe it, and 
what I've come up with is a nice acoustic version of the song that is most 
similar to the piano version.

Tuning: In the full band version of the song, the guitar is tuned down a few 
steps...I read in an interview with Billy that he and James both had their 
guitar's tuned down two full steps for the whole Machina album...(and for some 
of the second) and to do this, they had special guitars made that would go 
down this low without sounding terrible.

So the tuning for this acoustic version is Standard. If you want to play along 
with the piano version, tune half a step up. Also, I think the full band 
version is done in drop D tuning, but it doesn't really work doing it 
acoustically with drop D.

For timing and strumming, listen to the record, and create your own patterns 
in accordance to what sounds best acoustically for you.


D =   000232
Db =  044222
Bm7 = 020202
A =   003330
G =   320033
Em =  022000

Intro: D, Db, Bm7, A, G, Em, D

       D           D,Db
       if there.....
       Bm7         Bm7,A
       Em          D,Db

       Bm7          Bm7,A
       and if.....
       G            G,D
       A   D, Db

       Em          Bm7
       who are ....
       A     G
       A        D, Db

       Bm7        Bm7,A
       and if ...
       G         G,D
       A      D, Db

       Em        Bm7
       who are..
       A      G
       A         D, Db

       and if....

      (end on Bm7)

Have fun...if you have any suggestions, comments or questions, you can e-mail 
me at innosense@operamail.com