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Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 14:53:51 -0500
From: Johnny Mineo 
Subject: s/slackers/the_nurse.crd

ARTIST: The Slackers
SONG: The Nurse
ALBUM: Wasted Days
Tabbed By: Johnny Mineo
//// //// //// ////
//// //// //// ////
F     C7    Bb    F
////  ////  ////  ////
F     C7    Bb    F
////  ////  ////  ////
F     A7    Bb    F
////  ////  ////  ////
F     C7    Bb7   F
////  ////  ////  ////
F           C7          Bb         F
Someone has told me...
F        C7         Bb        F
Somebody told me...
     F            A7          Bb       F
See, I, I've been lied to...
            F           C7
For what is bad...
            Bb7         F
For what is worse...
The it goes to 3/4
     Bb           F
Roll out the stretcher
         Bb         C7
And make me feel better
That's track number nine for you from the genious
album Wasted Days by the Slackers.  Email me at