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Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 15:24:18 -0400
From: Fransson  (by way of cathal woods)
Subject: s/semisonic/chemistry.crd

           Chemistry   by   Semisonic
        (taken from the album Chemistry)

Transcribed by Simon Fransson (simon@fransson.nu)

Please send me comments or corrections. This should be played with open
chords and you should try not to pick to high E-string to often when playing
the chords, be especially careful with the D. Sometimes instead of playing
an A you should play an Asus4, listen to the song to find out when. Playing
the same chords the whole time like this may sound a little monotonous, it
sounds a little bit as the chords are differnt "the second time" you play
them, but I think it's the baseline that goes something like E D A the first
time and Ab A A the second time.

D|----------------|------11/12\11 -|-/9---/7---/7~~-|

E                   D                 A


Bm          E      D          E
Fine spring day, C...
Bm               E
Sweet Pacific sc...
C                        G      D
Windows of airplanes and h.... .....