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From: Scott A. Yanoff 

THERE SHE GOES AGAIN (The Velvet Underground)
 { intro:   B / / /   B D ///   E //   A Asus2   X 2}

             A              D
> There she goes again
                     A         D
> She's out on the street again
                     A               D
> She's down on her knees my friend
                            A          D
> Won't have to ask her please again
  Bm                              Dsus2
> Look a little closer there's no tears in her eyes
       Bm                         Dsus2          E
> You know she won't make it with just any guy
               A    Asus2
> What can you do

> See her walking down the street
> With all your friends she's gonna meet
> You'd better hit her  {chords are like intro}

{Let's see if I can tab out the solo...

(E) -0-0-0---0-0-0-------10-10-12-10-
(B) -5-5-5---5-7-5-------10-10-10-12-
(G) -6-6-6---6-6-6-------11-11-11-11-
(D) -7-7-7---7-7-7--------0--0--0--0-
(A) -0-0-0---0-0-0-------------------   ... repeat
basically an  ^       basically  ^
  A  chord    ^       a D chord  ^