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From: Scott A. Yanoff 

MAPS AND LEGENDS  (The intro of the LP version of this song is very
    garbled and unclear, but the same part in the version from the
    McCabe's show is much clearer, thus that is what appears here)
Em   D2   Em   (A)  --0-h-2-----
               (E)  --------3--3-0
> Is he to be reached, he's not to be reached
> Is he to be reached, he's not to be reached
  D2       Em      D2       Em
> Call the fool in company
  D2     Em      F#m           A
> On his own where he'd rather be
  D2       Em       D2     Em       D2        Em    F#m          A/Asus4
> Where he ought to be he sees what you can't see, can't you see that
{same as intro}
> Maybe he's caught in the legend
> maybe he's caught in the mood
> Maybe these maps and legends
> Have been misunderstood
> Down the way the roads divided
> Name me the places you have seen
> Those who know what I don't know
> Have heard of the yellow red and green
{the break follows these chords}
D  Dm   F   C     D  Dm   F F    D  Dm   F  C

> The map that she's made him doesn't seem real
> He just sees whatever he sees
> Point to the legend point to the east
> Point to the yellow red and green