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From: Scott A. Yanoff 

{intro:  (G) ---2---2-4-2---2---2-4-2-
         (D) -0---0-------0---0---------

G  Gmaj7  G6  G5   C       G Gmaj7  G6  G5  C
  D                       C                                       G
> I see your money on the floor I felt the pocket change through all
> The feelings that broke through that door

> Just didn't seem to be too real
  D                            C
> Beyond it's nothing but a fancy sun just
                       G                            A7
> Hurts my eyes somewhere it must be time for penitance
> Gardening at night is never where
  G    A         D
> Gardening at night 
 Bm                          C#m
> The neighbors go to bed at two
  Bm                            C#
> Crawl out of bed and pull the chain
  Bm                          C#
> Tried just changing every month
  Bm                          D A     D
> They said it couldn't be arranged
  D                          C                               G
> Well you collected garbage son but they were busy in the rows
                        A7                                  D
> Though not to see the sun gardening at night just didn't grow
{same as before}
> Your sister said that you're too young
> They should know they've been there twice
> Carl was two in fifty one
> They said it couldn't be arranged