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From: "Andy Citron" 
Subject: r/raitt_bonnie/love_letter.crd
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2002 10:36:42 -0500


(performed by Bonnie Raitt,

written by Bonnie Hayes, 

transcribed entirely by Andy Citron (andycitron@hotmail.com))

E7                                           A G E

Sittin in front ...

E7                                            A G E

Like rain ...

E7                                         (bass only)

Workin on a ...

E7                                          A G E

With the radio ...

E7                                          A G E

Got my eye on your ...

E7                                          (bass only)

And I smoked a lot  ...

E7                                           A G E

Mercy merciful ..

E7                                            A G E 

And you haven't ...

(pre chorus)


Would come to ...


Push comes to ...


Shove comes to ...

E7              C

Touch will come to love


A                  E                    A G E

Workin on a love letter

A                     E                 A G E

Listening to a love song  

       A                   E                                      A G E

I'm writing you a love letter love letter

E                             C       D

With the radio on (radio radio)