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From: silversweet@sprynet.com
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 12:41:46 -0400
Subject: m/mcgraw_tim/forget_about_us.crd

"Forget about Us" by Tim McGraw 
>From his album "Set this Circus Down" 
>Tabbed by Sterling Tate 

This is an easy song. I'm doing this by memory so 
the chorus may be off a bit. The intro quickly goes from 
Em to E, then A2 to A and so on through the whole song. 
The Chorus is slightly different. It's easy enough 
to figure out by listening to it. 

Intro- (Em)E A2(A) (Bm)B E 

Verse 1 
E A 
Im gonna drive on out . . .
B A E 
Find a quiet spot, . . .
E A 
Im gonna drink some beers. . .
B A E 
Turn my radio up . . .

Verse 2 
Im gonna lay me down . . .

A E 
I know it wont be easy . . .
A E 
To just let my memory . . . 
Im gonna miss your touch 
A B A E 
But I know I must . . .

Verse 3 
Follows same pattern as 1st and second verse.

Repeat chorus