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Date: Sun, 13 May 2001 16:20:47 -0400
From: aleister 
Subject: c/cohen_leonard/avalanche.crd

(L.Cohen, from "Songs From Love And Hate")

I've searched tab for this song in Net many days and couldn't find ANY version. 
So I've done it by myself. I think it is close to original, but some moments are questionable.

About fingerpicking: think it is flamenco picking (I use three fingers - p(for bass), i, m), 
and regular it needs mute the strings by left hand.

 Am*/F       C*/B                     String Piece:

|--0--|    |--0--|                    E |--5/8---3/5--|
|--0--|    |--1--|             
|--2--|    |--0--|
|--2--|    |--0--|
|--0--|    |--2--|
|--1--|    |--x--|

 Am                         C 
     Well I stepped into an a...
 Am             G      Am      (string piece)
     it covered up my soul;
 Am                         C     
     when I am not this hunch...
 Am             G                Am     
     I sleep ben...
 C                   C*/B    
     You who wish to con....
 Am                                     F    Am*/F  E (E7)     
     you must learn, learn to serve me well. 

     aleister, Irkutsk, Russia