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From: CEN93026@ibm3090.computer-centre.birmingham.ac.uk (Rich Cross)
Subject: CRD : "Frank Mills" from Hair

Here are the chords and lyrics to Frank Mills, originally from the
musical Hair, subsequently covered by the Lemonheads.  This was transcribed
from the Lemonheads version : don't know if there is any difference.
Comments/corrections to Rich Cross, cen93026@ibm3090.bham.ac.uk

Frank Mills

    C                  G
    I met a boy called Frank Mills,
    on September 12th right here,
F                   C
    in front of the Waverly,
          F            G                  C
    but unfortunately, I lost his address.
    He was last seen with his friend,
C                  Am                        F
    a drummer he resembles George Harrison of the Beatles,
           C                   F          G      C
    but he wears his hair tied in a small bow at the back.
    I love him,
             F                                         C
    but it embarrasses me to walk down the street with him.
Em              Am       Em
    He lives in Brooklyn somewhere,
    Am                           G
    and he wears his white crash helmet.
    He has golden chains on his leather jacket,
        F                C
    and on the back, are written on the names
    F        Am            F      C
    Mary and Mom and Hells Angels.
    C                  G
    I would gratefully appreciate it
    Am              F
    if you see him, tell him
    C                       F
    I'm in the park with my girlfriend,
       G                 C          G
    and please, tell him Angela and I
                   Am          F     G    C
    don't want the two dollars back, just him.