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Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 13:38:06 -0500
From: SmUrF 
Subject: h/hole/be_a_man.crd

"Be A Man" 
Written by: C. Love, E. Erlandson, B. Corgan 
>From the Any Given Sunday Soundtrack 
Tabbed by: Michelle 
Posted by: Retardgrl 


                     *THIS ENTIRE SONG IS DISTORTED* 

INTRO: (x2-open chords, 1st time: play each chord twice, 
space out, with mild distortion, 2nd time: play each chord 
twice, except for G/B play that four times with hard distortion) 
D    C    D    F         D    C    G/B 

VERSE: (right after intro: play like the "hard" part of the intro) 
D      C      D      F 
The only boy, I understand... 

CHOURS: (Same as intro) (x8) 
D       C       D         F 
I think I can, I think I can, 
D         C         G/B 
I'm big enough, to be a man... 
(THIS IS WHERE THE HARD DISTORTION KICKS IN)                               
D C D F-Be a man,   
D C D F 
D C D F 
D C D F         
D         C            D          F 
Take off ....
D         C        G/B 
Give any....
Cut it off, I know you can... 
D C D F-Be a man, 
D C D F 
D C D F 
D C D F 

RIFF 1: (x4) 
Can't get it up, I understand...

SOLO: (x2) (Play each power chord twice) (On the last three 
                     notes, both times quicken your pace) 
                       A   C   A   C   G  A   C     A C G 

VERSE: (played like the intro, but the hard distortion is played throughout 
        the verse) 
D        C        D        F 
I fuck the world, because I can... 
Give anything,    *= 2 sec. pause=* 
(Hard distortion kicks in again, but this time its like it was before) 
Be a man, I'm potent, yea... 

OUTRO: (x1) (Same as intro, but this time your picking the chords instead of

            strumming them, end on G/B


*this might not be 100% but it's pretty close*