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From: "Kitchen Ninjas" 
Subject: f/five_for_fighting/easy_tonight.crd
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 06:58:33 -0500

Easy Tonight=20
Five For Fighting
from the album:
America Town

Tabbed by Arkadies 

This is the song as I learned it off the recording.  It was a case of=20
fiddling with the same two chords over and over again until it just hit=20
me to throw the Bsus2 in there and then everything else all came =
beautifully. Be sure to let the open strings ring when playing the Asus2 =

and Bsus2 chords, it fills out the sound nicely.  Listen to the track a
few times to get the feel and timing of the chords down. (Of course, it =
all depends on what you're viewing this tab with!)  I like to fingerpick =
the verses rather than strum and build intensity through the pre-chorus =
and then=20
get heavy on the chorus to match the intensity of the vocals. =20
Any questions, feel free to email me at: kitchenninjas@home.com =20

here are the chords for the song:
Asus2  x02200
Bsus2  x24400
E      022100
C#m    x46654
F#     244322

Asus2    Bsus2
Asus2    E

Asus2       Bsus2   =20
You were wrong     You were right...
Asus2        E
C#m      F#=20

Asus2      E

[the pre-chorus works the same as the verses, just switch out the Bsus2 =
for an E in the first line and then switch out the E for a Bsus2 on the =
last line]

Asus2        E
Shot down said you never had the chance...
Asus2    E

C#m     F#

Asus2    Bsus2

Shotgun fire anybody home...
F#     Asus2




[the bridge works the same as the chorus, but try playing only =
downstrokes on the lower notes for the first couple bars.  I think that =
gives it a nice feel]

E    F#
She's in over my head...



Asus2    Bsus2
Asus2    E