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Subject: Only A Fool     Rick Roberts/Firefall      Chords/Words

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Firefall     Only A Fool       written by  Rick Roberts

E              C#m       E                 B
In a ..
    A                     B                  E
You ..
E                   C#m         E                 B
Now ..
   A                      B                        E
If ..
B                         E     B                         E
Even a ..
E                 C#m        E                 B
I was ..
    A                               B                      E
And ..
                 C#m         E                  B
In ..
     A                        B                       E
That ..
B                          E    B                         E
Even ..
E                 C#m        E                  B
If ..
A                       B                           E
Didn't ..
             C#m           E             B
So ..
   A                                 B                   E
My ..
B                          E    B                         E
Even ..
Don't ..