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"She Ain't Ready"
By: Dryve
CD: Thrifty Mr. Kickstar
Copyright 1997 Bare feet on the Wheel Music/Five Minute Walk Music
Tabbed by Josh Smith (stradivarius813@juno.com)

"She Ain't Ready:"

To play this with the CD, you'll have to tune all the strings down one

Intro:  G C G C

                   G                    G/F#                             
        C     Dsus D
VS. 1: Hey maybe I should talk to you cause you're in orbit
                G             G/F#                   C    Dsus D
and now things are harder to figure out.
     G                G/F#             C                 Dsus            
It may be her music or the abuse, she's bored with me too.
          G                     G/F#              C          Dsus        
And Jesus, with arms open, He receives us when we ain't ready.

                                       G/B   C                           
CHORUS: Who knows, it may be all these things,
    G/B  C
It may be, hey I'm not sure.
        G/B C                                        
Hey maybe, she don't need anybody
            G  G/F#  Em D               Cmaj7
But she do, do, do, she do, do, do

                 G            G/F#                             C
VS 2: And lately she makes like a doll on Sundays
           Dsus    D
keeps God so far away.
              G                                  G/F#
And the flowers like petals from heaven,
                     C            Dsus                 D 
she smells forgiveness, but she ain't ready. (Chorus)

Any questions or comments, just email me. Have fun!