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by Dryve



C#-F# x2

Bridge ("with you in my heart as matter of fact...")
F#-G#-C#-G# x2

 The driving stinks, but I cant seem to settle down, L.A. was a drag. L.A. was the last straw, and now its her in my hair and in my heart, and I swear when I feel compulsion to be amused. I make mastakes. We all do.

It makes me nervous. It makes me turn up the radio.

You said you were gonna buy me chevrolet. Your gonna buy my all these funny little things. I was alone when I went to see you. We make mastakes wa all do. 
Now with you in my heart as a matter of fact. Your comming in the flesh and dying like that. Lord I know Ive gotta step it up. Its been to long running on luck, but it makes me nervous.