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			  WE WILL DANCE           Key : (D Mixolydian)
			 by : David Ruis
      from the 'Winds of Worship' series #3 (Live from Toronto)
		      Tabbed by : Tim Berg

Verse 1:
      Sing a song of celebration, lift up a shout of praise
		   For the Bridegroom will come
			 The Glorious One
		     Cadd9 G                     D
		And, oh,     we will look on His face
			Cadd9 G                  D
		We will go      to a much better place

Verse 2: (same chords as verse 1)

  Dance with all your might, lift up your hands and clap for joy

		   For the time's drawing near

		       When He will appear

		And, oh, we will stand by His side

		  A strong, pure, spotless bride

	  D        Cadd9        G               D
Ch:        We will dance on the streets that are golden
		D       Cadd9         G            D
	   The glorious Bride and the great Son of man
		  D      Cadd9      G         D
	      From every tongue and tribe and nation
		      Cadd9 G                    D
		Will   join     in the song of the Lamb