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by: Considering Lily
CD: Considering Lily
Transcribed by Joel Gompert (gompert2@hannibal.wncc.cc.ne.us)

Cm	      Bb	Cm	 Bb
My soul's as dry as a valley of bones
      Ab	 Bb	      Cm
As I walk this desert called Earth
Cm		     Bb		   Cm	   Bb
There's dust in the tracks of the tears I cry
	Ab	      Bb      Cm
I'm as helpless as a babe at birth.
I stumble to the last mirage I saw.
And I fall to the sand.
Ab				   Cm
Close my eyes breathe a desperate prayer
When I open them there you stand

Cm        Ab		Cm
Here's my cup.  Fill it up
		     Ab	    Bb
Fill it up.  Fill it up and up.
	Cm			     Ab	    Bb
I will taste.  I will drink.  I will savor life.
    Ab	   Bb  Ab     Bb     Cm
Oh let it overflow my cup my cup.