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Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 18:42:16 -0400
From: l robles 
Subject: c/cold/remedy.crd

Artist: Cold
Song: Remedy
Album: Year of the Spider
Tabbed by: HeNrY OniXPiroN (onixpiron@hotmail.com)

tuning Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

This are the chord progresions.

Eb| ---------------------------
Bb| ---------------------------
Gb| --11-----------11--9-------
Db| --11--11--12---11--9-------
Ab| --9---11--12---9---7-------
Eb| ------9---10---------------


Eb| --------------------------------------------
Bb| --------------------------------------------
Gb| ---11---10----------------11--10---12---11--
Db| ---11---10---12---11------11--10---12---11--
Ab| ---9----7----12---11------9---7----10---9---
Eb| -------------10---9--------------------

when he sing " I don't want , I don't need.....
After the second chorus is like the verse