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From: rogers@hi.com (Andrew Rogers)
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 95 13:43:24 -0400
Subject: ./c/chad_and_jeremy/willow_weep_for_me.crd

			"Willow Weep For Me"
			   (Ann Ronell)

Intro (the guitar probably plays something simpler, but this covers
       the string parts too)

	Emaj7	A9(13)  [2X]			A9(13): x05677

Verse 1:

	Emaj7          A9(13)
	Willow weep for me
	Emaj7          A9(13)
	Willow weep for me
	Emaj7               F#m
	Bend your branches green
	           G#m                F#m  B7
	Along the stream that runs to sea
	Listen to my plea
	Am7               F#m            B7
	Listen willow and weep for me

Verse 2:

	Gone, my lover's dream
	Lovely summer's dream
	Gone and left me here
	To weep my tears into the stream
	Sad as I can be
	Am7                F#m  B7     Emaj7   E9
	Hear me willow and weep    for me


	Am              F
	Whisper to the wind
	    Em                 E
	And say that love has sinned
	Am                 G
	Leave my heart a-breaking
	     F        E7
	And making a moan

	Murmer to the night
	To hide her starry light
	So none will find me sighing
	     F           B7
	And crying all alone

Verse 3:

	Fmaj7         Bb9(13)
	Weeping willow tree
	Fmaj7         Bb9(13)
	Weep in sympathy
	F                   Gm
	Bend your branches down
	           Am             Gm  C7
	Along the ground to cover me
	When the shadows fall
	Bbm7                Gm    C7 Fmaj7  Bb9(13)  F
	Bend oh willow and weep   for me

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers