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Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 22:27:18 EST
From: MikeJJackUSA@aol.com
Subject: c/cat_empire/the_wine_song.crd

"The Wine Song"   
by  The Cat Empire

Transposed by mikejjack@optusnet.com.au

A band from Melbourne, Australia that are simply diverse and totally 
infectious.  They have a website, otherwise read about them via the Triple J website.  
Released a self titled album in 2003.  This is track #8.

Couldn't find anyhting of their's tab-wise on the net so here is something to 
start the ball rolling.  This is a rambling rolling song about red wine.  The 
riff is on piano, but the chords translate easy enough if you capo the 5th 
fret.  3/4 time for most except chorus.

D*    = XX4230
Fmaj7 = XX3210

Am7   = XX2013


Am E7  C  D*  Fmaj7  C  E7  Am  (pause)

Verse I:

Am        E7       C          D*  Fmaj7  C  E7  E
Songs and melodies change and...

Am                E7          C  D*  Fmaj7  C  E7  Am
The songs that we sung when...

Am         E7     C        D*  Fmaj7  C  E7  E
If I ever found a pot of...

    Am        E7         C       D*  Fmaj7  C  E7  Am
But I'm gonna die with a twinkle...

Pre Chorus:

Fmaj7    C    E7      Am
Tomorrow is another... 

    Fmaj7    C    E7      Am
The cats...

      Fmaj7    C    E7      Am
That old rusty

  Fmaj7  C      E7      Am
Into the Milky...

F(?)                      E7
On a river of red, red...


Chorus: (4/4; tempo increase)

Run, run, run.....
Fun, fun, fun.....
Drink, drink, drink.....
Sun, sun, sun.......

(Repeat chorus... faster!)

E      F      E
Sun... sun... sun...


Verse II:
   Am         E7        C...
In summer the bushfires rage...

And so on with the rest of the song.