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Date: Sat, 06 Mar 2004 00:22:03 -0800
From: mikejjack 
Subject: c/cat_empire/one_four_five.crd

"One Four Five"
by The Cat Empire

Transposed by mikejjack@optusnet.com.au

Although there is not much of a mystery to the progression of chords by
virtue of the title, this is a nutty litlle song that's fun to play.  I will
make your life easier for you by spelling it out.


Dm   A    etc....


A - D    E     (uhhh.. I IV V)

Alternatively, play it with a capo at the 5th using Am and E for the verse,
and E - A  B for the chorus.  Tinkling with the Am chord at this location
during the mellow break gives a better simulation of the riff heard there.

Or, frankly, play it however you want.  Enjoy!