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From: "Scott Fuller" 
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 13:12:03 GMT0BST
Subject: b/bowie_david/shadowman.crd

Title:  The Shadowman
Artist:  David Bowie
Written By:  David Bowie
Album:  N/A

Notes:  This is an outtake from the Ziggy Stardust sessions circa  
        1971. Unfortunately at the moment you can only get it on   
        bootleg, but a 2002 remake is due to be a B-side to Bowie's  
        forthcoming 'Slow Burn' single.  It remains to be seen  
        whether this transcription will still be valid, but I imagine 
        there will just be a key change.
        The Dsus4 and Gsus4 in brackets are merely embalishments you 
        can make when strumming the D's and G's, and are not vital.

         Dsus4      Gsus4

        EADGBE     EADGBE	
        XX0233     300013


G   C
G   C

Verse (X2):

C         G    Em    C
G         Bm   D (Dsus4) D (Dsus4)
C         G    Em    Bm
G    Bm   D
Am        D
C         G   (Gsus4) G 


D  (Dsus4) D      G   (Gsus4)   G
C          Am
D  (Dsus4) D
C          Bm     D (Dsus4) D (Dsus4)

Verse 3:

  C         G    Em    Bm
  G    Bm   D
  Am        D
|:C         G :|    repeat to fade.