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From: "Scott Fuller" 
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 13:11:42 GMT0BST
Subject: b/bowie_david/amsterdam.crd

Title:  Amsterdam (aka 'Port Of Amsterdam')
Artist:  David Bowie
Written By:  Jacques Brel
Album:  Ziggy Stardust (2002 release), Bowie At The Beeb, Pin ups 
(1990 release)


        The studio version was originally only to be found on old 
        versions of Pin Ups, but fear not, it will be part of the     
        reissued Ziggy Stardust package coming soon.

        There is also a vigorous live version on Bowie At The Beeb,   
        and this transcription is valid for that as well.

        P.S.  Sorry for the naming of these two chords!

        Em/G       E/F
        EADGBE     EADGBE
        322000     X4X454

        I assume every knows the other chords.  Use a barre G so you  
        can get to the E/F chord afterwards.

Verse 1:
In the first verse each chord indicated is swept once.

Am     Em/G 
F      Em/G     E
Am     Em/G
F      E        Am
C      G        E/F
Am     Em/G     E
F      Em/G
F      Em/G     Am

Verse 2,3,4:

The rest of the song is strummed in 3/4 time.

Am     Em/G 
F      Em/G     
Am     Em/G
F      E        Am
C      G        E/F
Am     Em/G     
F      Em/G
F      Em/G     Am

(Verse 4 only)

Am     E
F      E    Am.  F.  Am.