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Song: "Two Different Things"
Artist: The Altered
Album: _Yours_Truly_
Copyright: (c) 1997 Curb Songs
Tabbed by: Matt Chapman (mchapman@grfn.org)

**Power Chords! Crank the Distortion and /Rock!/

Verse 1:

B5            Gb5          G5
    It's not like you to betray when no ones looking

B5          Gb5            G5
    Take a shot at me, when I am not around

B5           Gb5           G5
    Could it be that it's all just my perspective

B5                Gb5        G5                -A5
    and you could heal me if I was on the ground

A5               G5
If I was on the ground

G5               A5
If I was on the ground

A5               B5
If I was on the ground


B5                               G5            
Cause what this is and what this feels like

      A5                    E5
Are probably two different things

        B5                 G5                        A5
I'm as blind as I've ever been when when it comes to You

B5                            G5            
You make me weak, Make me Strong

      A5          E5
I'm alone if I belong

               B5                  G5              A5
Cause not like you just means it's really not like me.

Verse 2:
It's not like you to give me no good answers
And it doesn't mean that you're not really there
If I could see all this from your perfect point of seeing
I would probably know the answers now and see how much you care
See how much you care
How much you care
See how much you care



If anybody has the solo tabbed out, please send it to me. If 
anyone wants the tab to the solo, I could probably figure it out if I took
the time, so let me know if you want it.

This is my first attempt at figuring out a song, but I think its really
close. Its not a very difficult song anyway. PLease let me know how you think I did
and any changes or corrections. Thanx.