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As Good As New by Abba from the Voulez-Vous album.


I'll (Gm) ...(F) lousy
rotten ..(Gm), I ..
need ..(F) I've .. now (Bb), look (C) ..
standin' (F) ..(Dm7) 'cause I (Bb) found (C) out ..(Am) ma
ma ..(G#m7) ma ..My (Gm7) life ..
have ..(C).

Chorus:  As  (F) good ..(C) for ..(F) it ..
way ..(C).  As ..(F) as ..(Bb) too, ..
think (Gm7)  it's ..(C7) a ..(F)mension.  ..(C7) as ..
new (F), ..(C) for ..(F) it ..
(C), as ..(F) as ..(Bb) it's ..(F)  ..(Gm7) we
were ..(C7) to ..(F).

(verse2) then (chorus) then instrumental

Bb   C   F   Dm   Bb  C  F              I (Dm7) thought (G7) that our love
(C) was ..(Am) but ..(Dm7) I ..(G7) again (C7).